Jim's Collection of Stuff

F1 Page My Truck

1950 Ford F1 Stake flat head V8 3 speed. Bought Fall 2009 from Marvin Baumann, Monroe, MI.

Past Love

1966 Ranchero V8 automatic with bucket seats. Had this one for 6 Summers but it was time to move on - Sold to Ron VanCamp Fall 2009

Loaded for a Show

1958 Willys FC170 1 Ton hauling my 1950 Crosley FarmOroad 1/4 Ton - Sold in 2003 to Ralph Trotter

My First Car

1949 Crosley Station Wagon - Bought when I was 13 (almost 14), it is waiting for the 3rd mechanical restoration. Decided to leave it as much as possible like I drove it in High School.

FOR taking on my yard

1950 Crosley FarmOroad

FOR showing what it can do

FarmOroad pulling 24 foot AirStream with my Dad driving.

  8N Ford doing it's thing

1949 Ford 8N. Doesn't have to do snow work anymore since we moved to East TN butr the driveway maintenance still keeps it busy.

1943-1945 Crosley Tractor
Believed To Be One Of Three Built By The Factory

The first used a PreWar Crosley drive line, with the 2cyl opposed air cooled Waukesha engine. That one was scrapped.

This one used the new fabricated tin block engine being made for military use. It currently has a later cast iron version of that engine.  It reportedly was built for use on the grounds of the Crosley factory and was not intended for sale.  It was used to pull gang mowers and parts carts. Proof is word of mouth, documentation would be nice if anyone has any info.

The third tractor was the size of a Farmall Cub and is owned by a collector in Iowa.  Other Crosley powered tractors were built by Jacques and Power King. - Sold in 2015 to John Daines.

Crosley Auto Club

More to come as time allows